Sunday, April 14, 2013

A week of change

What a week, far from my "normal life"..

  • Stomach flu, really stomach ache, which resulted in me not being able to work out and I was home from work. You only wish one thing when you are ill (guess what). Prioritize the health.

  • My stepfather had a stroke. I got a call friday night. The first description was that he was paralyzed on one side! That he did not recognize the people and did not know where he was. Thankfully he quickly became better and is now "in the game" again. A strong reminder that life is fragile and should be taken care of!

My emotional life has thus been extremely "worried" this week.
  • I have decluttered the "like crazy."

Many boxes of electronics and five bicycles have been delivered to Återbruket (re-use), of which I received the following question "Are you going to throw that bike it in there!?" By one of the workers there.

- Well this crap must go. It's been standing too long.

Everyone suggest that I would sell it.. (Yes I could.. but..I do not think that I have time to try to sell "crap", it will take too loooong (it is to much stuff), my time on this earth is limitied. I have already done many ads of stuff for sale (and it seems like more work than it is worth honostly). Its hard to sell stuff (and get something payed for it)! And the bike had a flat tire (and some broken spokes) so I did not want to donate a broken bike to the Brödet och Fiskarna (“Bread and the fishes”) (an organization here in Sweden that support projects for the poor in the world.)

Despite very cleansing there is little progression, it is barely visible (not quite true, you can see a tiny bit of change anyway). Sometimes it feels impossible due. of all the stuff I collected all my life, but I know that with small steps in the right direction, I will "get to the finish.", and be more freer.

Well that’s all for now, gotta continue with the “deown” stuff, bye.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your stepfather. I hope he recovers quickly.

  2. Thanks Christine, he has recovered quite good. It just reminds me how fragile life is. I gotta step it up :)

    I know you have a father that also has problems. Can your dad become better from his illness?
    I hope the best for you and your dad.