Sunday, March 24, 2013

Focus on the meaningful?

I think sometimes, is it wise to spend time trying to sell most of my stuff? It takes a lot of time to take picture, make images into web format and then write ads. Then it takes time to wait for potentials buyers. For example: This weekend I sold a pair of Jamo speakers to a buyer who drove from Ronneby, that is 1000 kilometers . Thankfully they hold the time that the buyers promised, but I have also sold windsurfing stuff to people who really do not hold the time they say they will come. And then I go for a whole day while waiting for them to come. Often free time wasted.

The black Jamo 707i sold this weekend. Getting rid of my stereo.
The black Jamo 707i sold this weekend. Getting rid of my stereo.
On my bathroom mirror says that I should "Focus on the meaningful." But I question whether it is worth the time to try selling the most expensive gadgets? I've put a lot of time to accumulate stuff and now I put a lot of time to get rid of them? Does it make sense? No, I don´t think so, but it feels better if I try to sell it before it gets donated or thrown away.
Oboy, Who would have guessed that not before I collected all this stuff, I finally realized that this is not what I want... 
The teacher will appear when the student is ready.


  1. I've been in this exact same boat several times. My advice is to not go out of your way and wait around for buyers. If they really want what you're selling then they will work around your schedule. I know it's tough because you want to sell the stuff for the highest price possible, and maybe only 1 or 2 people are interested, but then you have to start putting a price on your time as well. Is it worth they extra money to sit around and wait all day?

  2. Hi Christine!
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    Yes. I have noticed that I get more respect (time wise) when I am clear about that my time is important, and that I appreciate when they arrive at our schedule time. I was very clear about this when I sold a couple of speakers, and it worked. :)
    But I guess it depends on people’s attitude and respect for other peoples time. We are all different I guess..

    Yes, my time is very important, it’s one of the most precious things we have here on earth, thanks for reminding me :)