Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thoughts about storage and bed frame

I belive in the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Simplicity is Genius sometimes. Instead of using 2x4 woodframes, I will try to use storage compartments to make the base of the bed.

One of my role models is Laren Corie,

Laren uses a couple of big Walmart trunks, for his bed foundation. He then uses plywood which is only 1/8" luan. I think he lays this plywood on his trunks. On top of this I think he uses an air madress. He sleeps diagonal in the back of his AstroSafari van.
The size of his trunks are 42"x18"x13", thats equivalen to 105x45x32,5cm

So I started to look for some trunks also: This is what I found at Jula:

Cargo trunk, use a couple for a bed frame, and get storage under the bed
249 kr. Picture from Jula:
  Max loading capacity: 70 kg. Volyme: 108 l.
Length: 600 mm
Width: 500 mm
Height: 390 mm

Cargo trunk lid, use a couple of trunks for a bed frame, and get storage under the bed
Cover for the trunk above: 99 kr. Picture from Jula

Other KISS storage: I have seen a lot of Vandwellers usting something like this:

Simple storage for the van?
349 kr from Jula:
Width:  380 mm 
Height:  800 mm 
Depth:  430 mm 

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