Sunday, August 30, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Taking a morning bath, Solsidan

Slept very well in the parking lot next to the sea. (East of the capital Stockholm in the archipelago).

This is where I´m located right now. Solsidan.
The weather was as good as it can be, and of course I felt like take a bath, checking the water, dept and so on.
I use two cameras when taking pictures. Nokia N8 (mobile phone), and a Canon 550d

Nokia N8 pictures:

Camera, Shoes and shower-gel and so on.

I´ve jumped into the water. There wasn't any ladder to get out of the water, but there were no problems getting up on the bridge.

Time to get clean. Selfie

Canon 550 pictures

This is how I slept in the car this night. Waking up somewhat in the shadows and not waking up feeling like baked in an owen. Love this!

Towel. Yes I know, I´ve already taken a picture of this.. duh.

Enjoying the Swedish summer when it at its best.

View from the bridge, Solsidan houses.

The bridge I´m on, the car behind the shrub.

Soaking in shower gel.

And after soaping washing it off.

The sea was flat and wonderful, quite clear water also. This is the same water as the Baltic Sea

It felt great to take a bath, nice and clean again.

To be continued.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Staying in the shade (Solsidan)

When the weather is hot you have to try to stay in the shadows. The color of my car is white and that is the best color to try to keep cool. A black car is much warmer because the color "sucks" (in lack of science talk) up the sun beam much more and therefore becomes warmer.

This is what I do.
I always try to find a nice spot in the shade when the summer sun i out warming everything.

Here I've really found I nice spot for the night, a parking-lot with wonderful scenery. I stayed here for a couple of hours waiting for the sun to go down.

Then I moved to the actual parking lot. Covering the windows with some towels to block the sun rays from entering into the car.

Keeping one door open and down wind the other side window to keep fresh air circulating the car. I feel really nice temperature in the car now.

Later I took a walk to explore the scenery i bit more.

Before bedtime I watch a movie from Shadiac. "I am". Using my small converter giving me 230 AC power in the car. Before sleeping I remove the towels and put up my inside curtain. I also enjoyed a Pizza. :-)

This picture is taken in the morning. I slept beautifully. Didn't get bother by anything during the night. Perfect. And what a morning to wake up to! I parked so that i wasn't gonna get the morning sun right up my alley. During the night there is some fog accumulating in the front windows. But no biggie.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Roadtrip 2014. Nice Houseboat in Saltsjöbaden!

So walking around in the harbor, took some pictures to who show you.... This looks like a nice place to live! The view is among other things the Saltbadens hotel

Houseboat in Sweden, Saltsjöbaden
Solar power and wind power. Pretty much off-grid. Nice.

Off-grid houseboat?
Sundeck and small windows. Looks built on floating cement.

Beautiful building in Saltsjöbaden
The houseboat has this as a view. Not to bad, right? Looks like a castle except without a wall surrounding it. There were some kind of party there, playing soft classical music

Jump tower, would you dear to jump? :-)
Next to the houseboat were Friluftsbadet  jumptower located (nearby beach).

Perseverance, steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
Perseverance. I like that word! To never give up. Follow the life philosophy and the values  that you're guided by.
( steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. )
To be continued..

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Saltsjöbadens friluftsbad, Free air's bath :)

Found a free parkinglot, only 30 min. Which car is
the most white? Ok, perhaps the Toyota lose.
White is my favorite color (I think).
Friluftsbad...Thats right! Free airs bath, that´s how they pronounce it here if you translate Swedish into English.
As I said in the previous post I decided to park the car and take a small walk. Just do a small check up of Saltsjöbaden harbour, to see if I remember anything.. Why? Because I have been here about 14 years ago doing a matchrace with my colleges on a sailboat J/80. It was my at the time managers boat. We had a really fun day (since I love to sail), and love to compete so I have always hold Saltsjöbaden close to my heart. So.. How did the matchrace go? I was on the winning boat all the time.. ;-) No I´m not bragging, I´m just stating a fact!! :-)
First I stumbled into some sort of gathering at the Saltsjöbaden hotell (Grand Hotel). I Took some pictures of it. Dont know what was going down. Wedding?

I soon continued. After I walked over a small bridge I found a "friluftsbad" (freeairsbath), and took a couple of pictures to show ya (incase you're considering visiting this place). It was not free to enter but it looked like a nice beach. At least the air was free I guess. :-)

Here the gathering. Lots of chairs.

Live music played by two people. 

It's pretty late in the day, but there still people hanging out on the beach, relaxing.
It's pretty late in the day, but there still people hanging out on the beach, relaxing. Nice place!

More of a closeup on the beach and cafeteria/restaurang.
More of a closeup on the beach and cafeteria/restaurant.

Saltsjöbaden friluftsbad.
Outside and entrance to the beach: Saltsjöbaden friluftsbad.
To be continued, more later..

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Road2014: Arriving in Saltsjöbaden

Arriving at Saltsjöbaden, found a 30 minutes free parking-lot, just to do a first check of the surroundings.

Nokia N8 phonepictures:

Parked the car near the train station, and could see the well known hotel, which name I didn´t know.

This nice looking hotel was built 1893. At least that what the sign says. Maybee the fools are lying to me, no.

Moving on by foot. Saltsjöbaden friluftsbad
In Englai: Saltlakebath freeairbath :)

Got back and took the car to go check for a sweet spot to stay the night. Solsidan is a posh place here in Sweden and I though that would be a nice place for a sleepover. Just to stir the place up a little, haha. However I thought it would be a hard time finding a sweet spot. . A television show has made Solsidan even more famous. According to the myth, this is were all the rich lives. You know, robotized lawnmowers, and everyone transporting them-self by a segway or that is at least the picture in the tv-show. Quite funny actually.

Look! Me satisfied. I found a really nice place, The sun i lowering itself and the car is getting some shadow. Too warm otherwise. This were a really nice spot I may say. You could park here over night for free.

I have a book that´s called discover Sweden, and here I could read a little about the place and its surroundings. 

To be continued..

Monday, June 29, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Back doing miles on the highway

After visiting Mariefred I was back on the motorway, still heading for Stockholm and then Saltsjöbaden.
I noticed that the weather was not on my side.

A triangle must mean something?.. Take it easy.

Triangle = An old american car has stopped for some reason. I guess it is not allowed to park here, but perhaps the car has broken down or someone needs to pee. *speculate time*

Hmm. Where to go from here, all those signs and choices.

This looks about right.

Arriving in Saltsjöbaden. Grand Hotel in my sight.

To be continued...

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Knights' Tournament in Mariefred

Walking around the town I later found a old tent town. Yea I don´t have a better name for it, duh.. It proved to be a knights´ tournament. What? I must check that out. However I did not pay the entrance to see that the horse show but went to have a look. Not that interested in knighs tournaments actually.

Some pictures of the tents.
Feels like going back in time. 

lots of stalls where things are sold

How cute is´nt this little dog? I think it is a puddle, dont ya think? I just wanted to take it with me.. :-) so qute. Perfect company.

Middle Ages?
Middle Ages?

Lots of tents..

"Riddardagarna" = Knight days.. here in Mariefred.

Well time to move on, more about that later..

C Ya on the roads.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Mariefred, visit the castle

Heading for Stockholm with the car but when I saw the sign "Gripsholms Castle" I decided so leave the motorway and have a look. I´ve been here in my teens, but could hardly remember anything exept the castle. The idea was to freshen up my view a little. Thats the great thing about being on a journey, always follow you instincts. The journeys is the goal, not the end place.
This is Gripsholms Castle is in Mariefred.

The caste has some nice green garden with lots of colorful flowers.

Moat that surrounds the castle.

This place is a popular place to take pictures of newly weds couples.

Some other peoples belonging to the "wedding crowd". Nice clothes.

hen party for bride-to-be/shower

Here some pictures of the town Mariefred. Horse trailer with tourists.

Campers with view of the castle. I think there were a time limit to this parking lot.

Look! A houseboat. Sunroof. The small boat harbor has a great view.

And this is an old Mercedes bus, with a motorbike on the back.

There is also a train station for older trains were the rail has small bandwidth.

Also a nice place. I think it is a greenhouse of some sort.

Once again, look! A white duck amongst the other. I dont think I´ve seen a white duck before. Only bigger ducks (geese)

To be continued...