Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Going back to Rindö

A´m back with a new post.. as I promised.. :)
After looking for a place to sleep in Vaxholm I decided to go back to the previos Island Rindö, I though it might be a more relaxing envirement on the island Rindö.. Why? Because there were a lot of folks in Vaxholm and I rather sleep through the night instead of being woken by some drunks. Yah, people in Sweden cant handle alcohol very well.
The trustworthy Toyota is back on the ferry, going back to Rindö again. I got the last place on the ferry, phew.

Stockholm archipelago
Enjoying Stockholm archipelago once again. Love seeing and being on the water.

Another view from the carferry. Trustworty Starlet in the foreground. Sleeping bag and all that. :)

Vaxholms fortress.
Vaxholms fortress. I really don't know why they called the place Wax Island. Perhaps they´ve made wax here before, no one knows (atleast not me, duh).. Well perhaps someone.. nah.

Looking for a place to sleep
Having been the Oskar Fredriksborg previously I knew a place there to sleep. But I still wanted to see if I could find an even better place. So I went round the Island Rindö to see what could be found. AND YES, I found a very handsomely silently place called Grönviksbadet. Here I decided so stay the night! Here some pictures!
Big Boats are travelling by, so peacefull and nice!
Look at the view. Fantastic, and it doesn't it´s all free. That´s how you do it!

Look! What a scenery! Loved it!
Here you see the Starlet parked. Beautiful scenery.

Late night evening and a Viking Line boat i going slowly by..
All the evening I could see big ferry's travel the water. And the light was magic. No mosquitoes either. I definitely found the right spot.

I always prefer a sleepling place with a loo. I´ve got my own toilett paper, just in case.
Grönviksbadet even got a "Baja Maja" as we called them in Sweden. (A place to go to the loo)

Let me tell you, I slept very well in this place! :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Vaxholm part 2

Still in Vaxholm in the Stockholm archipelago.

Since I took all this images, I though I share them.. This is the second part.

On the car ferry. The driver of the "ship" sits above all the cars. Nice view I guess?

The sign says: Welcome to the archipelago capitol. - or something like that!

View of the Vaxholm castle, view from Rindö

View from the other side, Vaxholm. Big Caste that became old-fashion before it was completed.

Le beach. The only one I found in this little town.

Out "Sightseeing" with the Miyata again. I actually considered this place for the night. Nice scenary. But perhaps a bit crowded? Kept searching..

Another picture of possible place to sleep for the night.

Lots of tourist

There were lots of boats out in the water.

I then decided to go back to Rindö.. More about that later.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Going from Rindö to Vaxholm, part 1

Next to the island Rindö is Vaxholm. A well known tourist place in the summer. Decided to go check it out and see if I could find a nice spot for the evening. Car ferry between Vaxholm and Rindö in the Stockholm archipelago.

I think I will do two post about Vaxholm, this is the first part.
Here waiting for the ferry that will take me over to Vaxholm.

The weather showed it´best side. Lots of motorbikes out riding too.

Tried to find a place to park the car (for free) and then use the Miyata Bike to go sightseeing. There were not that many places you could park the car for free, but found some places i bit further from city of Vaxholm.

This was a nice place. Right next to a small beach. There were not many beaches here in Vaxholm.

After have checked out the city I went look for a nice place to sleep for the night. Could it be found? Here you could only park 4 hour at a time.. I later found a good place, but íll keep it to myself for know.

Other side of the water, see the picture above.

Ingenjörvägen = Engineeringroad, since I´m an engineer i took a picture of this. :)


Back to the car. Needed to charge the phone.

More picutres (of more or less the same thing) in part 2 of Vaxholm

Friday, October 2, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Oscar-Fredriksborg

In the island Rindö: Looking for a good spot to sleep I found this place! Oscar-Fredriksborg

Here´s a map over the place

I parked the car right next to the Oxdjupet. I think the Toyota enjoyed the scenery.

On the other side of the "water" you could see som shooting tower or whatever.

There were lots of cars here. I later found out that there was a guide showing the inside of the old military place.

Here you see a better view of the small "neck"

Boom shakala. Big boom canon. I would not like to invade this area.. 

Look, the big ferrys going to finland and Estland going this route.

Yes we all have to way to each other.

I then saw some fish in the water. Can you see it?

Here I´m lookin into the old military "place" inside the mountain. You can see a port on the other side where people enter this area..

Well, it sure was wearth visiting. This is the good stuff about scouting for a place so sleep. You always see something interesting on the way. I decided to not sleep here, so therefore I continued.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Leaving Solsidan and heading for Värmdö

Time to say goodbye to Solsidan and continue the Roadtrip..

So this is where I slept for the night, beautiful scenery and the weather couldn't be better!

Was looking for a place to eat. Värmdö market looked like a good shoot. Let´s try that!

I was tired of eating junk food so the plan was to find some "picking sallad" , sort of bulk, like bulk candy though more healthy.
OF COURSE they did not have it!! WTF?

So I ended up with another bad lunch at Max burgers. It tastes good, but this is really bad food you know.

After eating I continued, heading for some island..

Värmdö-Rindö, the sign for where this car ferry takes you. It doesn't cost you a dime! Fantastic, a free boatride.

Starlet enjoying the boat ride. :)

Time to get in the car again. It sure was a nice ride!

Soon arriving at the Rindö Island.

To be continued! :-)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Roadtrip 2014: Bike ride Solsidan, Saltsjöbaden

Still in the wonderfull place called Sunnyside, or Solsidan in Swedish. After a nice bath I decided to take of the bike from the car and check the place out. A bike is a perfect vehicle to do that! It saves your feet and the speed is perfect for sightseeing. I love to bike as you can tell.

Time to take the Miyata for a ride (again).

"Jättegrytan" = The giant pot

Found this nice dirt track

Look how close the bottom is! This propellers live a dangerous life's.

Church next to a school?

Free parking-lot, here in Saltsjöbaden.

Nice villa. To big for my taste but old craftsmanship work I guess.

This is some sort of ??? cant remember..

Hotel you´ve seen earlier in my blog.

One more from the land-side.

Back to the car. I noticed that almost all villas had fence or walls. Privacy is important I guess.